Why belong to the NMRA as an Affiliate Member?
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National Marine Representatives Association - Welcome to the official NMRA website! National Marine Representatives Association - Welcome to the official NMRA website!
National Marine Representatives Association - Welcome to the official NMRA website!

NMRA Affiliate Membership

Even if you are currently using independent reps, it's still important to support NMRA. After all, those reps are on the front lines every day, promoting your products and providing you with information on market trends and other intelligence. Or, you might be considering augmenting your existing factory sales force with independent sales reps. Either way, NMRA invites you to become an affiliate member of the National Marine Representatives Association. As an Affiliate member, you'll receive important services, including:

Useful publications available to NMRA members include: the NMRA "Tidings," our quarterly newsletter; the NMRA Annual Membership Directory; a Model Sales Rep Agreement Contract and the NMRA Marine Industry Supplier Information Manual, which is written exclusively by our reps.

A welcome announcement of your company that details your products and services will appear in our newsletter. Also, an email welcome, including your company information and those territories where you seek representation, will be sent to all rep groups. Your company will also be included on the NMRA website.

To enhance networking opportunities, NMRA also offers a special mailing program that lets you send a detailed, tailored message to our full members. For a nominal fee, you can include your literature, explain the features and benefits of your line and let the full members know in which territories you need representation.

NMRA is a member of many industry associations, including the NMMA, and works closely with these groups at important industry shows. Our reps sit on the Boards and planning committees of many national and regional industry organizations.

Belonging to NMRA gives your business a badge of professionalism that often will make the difference of just maintaining existing business or gaining new customers and new sales. Surveys prove that many companies will make their buying decisions on the reputation of the supplier rather than the lowest price.

For more information about how NMRA can help your company, contact us at 847.662.3167, fax 847.336.7126, email info@nmraonline.org.

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